Model 3 MAXPider KAGU Black 3D

Model 3 MAXPider KAGU Black 3D

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Tesla Model 3:

  • 100% Protection - MAXpider mats are perfectly designed to match your vehicle - protect your vehicle's floors without worry

  • 100% Durable - the KAGU (rubber) mats have a unique, durable texture surface that will not deform over time

  • 100% Dirt Proof - tell the mud, snow, dirt, water, or even grease who's boss by preventing it from dirtying your interior

  • Anti-Skid Safe - anti-skid technology on the bottom prevents your mats from skidding, providing extra comfort in the safety of your vehicle

Your choice of black, gray or tan

  • Perfect fit - precision engineered

  • Raised edges to help contain spills

  • Manufactured to last lifetime of vehicle

When you need maximum protection from heavy duty accidents and everyday spills, nothing matches the precision-engineered perfection of MAXpider's all-weather, custom-fit rubber floor liners, manufactured to last the lifetime of your vehicle and beyond. Designed to fit your specific vehicle, these rubber floor mats are the definition of durability.

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